Want to learn the basics of Investing?

This course is for you if:

You have money sitting in a savings account and you don’t know what to do with it.

Want to start investing but not sure how to get started.

Don’t want to get to 60 and have no investments

 Want to make money from long-term investing in the stock market

 You’ve tried learning about investing, but hit snooze-ville cause it was pale, stale and boooooring!

 You’re overwhelmed at where to begin learning about the stock market.

 You want to have enought for a comfortable retirement so you can cruise around the Mediterranean with your gal pals!

With the cost of living going up (inflation) it means there’s a high chance your money sitting in the bank is going backwards!

So if you have always wanted to learn how to invest but never know where to start, were confused by the jargon, scared you will lose all your money or simply just thought the stock market wasn’t for you? Then we got you!

Currently, women are living longer and earning less so we need to make sure our money is working as hard as we are and investing is a great way to achieve this.

We believe learning about investing doesn’t have to be confusing, complicated, snoozeville stuff. In fact, it can be simple, fun, empowering and profitable when done right

PLUS you get 3 bonuses:


Our favorite downloadable tools and investing templates!


How to videos – Showing you how to invest via different brokers


Access to 2 bonus Masterclass on FIRE and Crypto basics!