The Journal

Life Is Tough book

When I was going through chemo, journalling became my saviour, a daily ritual that calmed the farm and helped me steady the ship through the rough waters. Journaling has helped me so much on my journey through cancer, chronic fatigue and recovery (it’s some seriously magic stuff!)

That’s why I’m so excited to release a journal into the world. Inspired by my bestselling book Life Is Tough (But So Are You), a beautiful guided journal to step you through your own tricky time.

If you’re having a challenging time or know someone who is this might just be the perfect gift

Who is this for

We all have to deal with tough times, whether illness, grief, divorce, job loss or a mental health crisis. If you or someone you love is going through a challenging or wobbly time then this is the book for them!

It’s bright and colourful and helpful. It’s like having a best friend in a book but not that annoying friend that says ‘just be positive ok???’
No it’s that best friend who turns up with gifts and snacks, knows just what to say. Who makes you feel everything is possible, reminds you of how amazing you are when you’ve forgotten but doesn’t minimise how you’re feeling or sugar coat it, (and does the washing up before leaving!) That kind of friend.

It’s the journal I wish I’d had when life threw me a curveball! And I can’t wait to share it with you.

The Journal

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