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Keynote Speaker & Author Briony Benjamin

Inspiring Resilience Keynote Speaker

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With a wealth of presenting and video production experience, I am passionate about helping individuals face the toughest time of their lives with more ease and less fear, and all the while emboldening them to live the biggest, most audacious version of their story.

It’s my goal to make a true connection with your audience and leave them feeling motivated, energised and ready for whatever is coming next.

Current Keynotes

"Life is Tough...
But so are you"

Briony shares the important lessons learnt through her cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery – everything from how to assemble your A Team in times of crisis and learning to make friends with the pain, to happy hacks for cutting yourself some slack and great tips on being a kick-arse support human when a friend is going through the rough stuff.

If you want to live the richest version of your life, bring some more joy into your day-to-day existence and have some tools up your sleeve for when things get tricky, this keynote will cover it all. Because – spoiler alert – we all have to deal with our fair share of tough times sooner or later. It’s how we handle them and bounce back afterwards that really matters.

Inspiring Resilience Keynote Speaker
Life Is Tough book
Life Is Tough book
Life Is Tough book
Inspiring Resilience Keynote Speaker

"Leaders tell Stories... So what is yours"

Briony works with some of Australia’s boldest leaders, showing them how to craft their personal stories in compelling ways that move hearts and minds, with the view to making the world a better, kinder and more fun place. Having created highly shareable content that has reached millions of people, Briony understands how to tell stories that really connect with an audience. As Steve Jobs once said ‘The most powerful person in the world is the story teller.’ Your people and organisation are already bursting with compelling stories that can bring your work and mission to life and help drive business outcomes. In this keynote, Briony will help you understand the importance of your story and show you how to harness the power of your own story so you can inspire those around you and create change in the world.


And I can’t wait to share my story with your audience.
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