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Hi, I'm Briony Benjamin

Life Is Tough book
Life Is Tough book
Life Is Tough book

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I help tell stories that get seen around the world…

Cheesy Love Story

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Heels No Heels

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If A Man Lived Like A Woman

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You Only Get One Life

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I’ve always loved finding ways to share stories

but I never counted on my own story being such a big gamechanger. A few years ago, I honestly thought the reason I was feeling so crappy all the time was because I just didn’t have what it took.
But it wasn’t that. Yep… we’re talking about the Big C and a massively unexpected diagnosis of stage 4 lymphoma when I was just 31.
But now I’m on the other side. And the story I have to tell reminds audiences that we are all a lot stronger than we think (no, really).

Briony Benjamin Motivational Keynote Speaker

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Hi I’m Briony Benjamin

The Book & Journal to help you through life's tough times.

So many of us experience life-disrupting events.
I wrote a book about mine, to help you through yours.
It’s all about what to do when a massive curveball comes your way (hint: you don’t always have to stay positive).

Life Is Tough book
The Journal