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If you have landed on this part of my website it’s probably because you have been flipping through the pages of my book and you want to take a few extra steps to get through this period of your life.

Here are the bits and pieces I promised you… and I wanna say

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Books I LOVE

Why We Sleep
Matthew Walker

This book changed my life and it will change yours too. If you needed a little more help being convinced that sleep should be on the top of your things to do list – GET THIS BOOK INTO YOUR EYEBALLS and treat your body like the god-dam magical vessel it is by giving it the number 1 thing it needs. SLEEP! Ok maybe after water and food but yeah after those, it’s a life-saving magical medicine that is available to all of us

FACTFULNESS – 10 reasons you’re wrong about the world and why things are better than you think
Hans Rosling

Bill Gates said this was one of the most important books he’s ever read and if it’s good enough for Bill, it’s good enough for me! A brilliant book that will make you feel 1million times better about the state of the world.

Carol Dweck

This isn’t just if you dream it you can do it bullshit – this book will change the way you think about what you are capable of. For me it was a GAMECHANGER and it changed my entire world view about what I can actually do with my life

The Barefoot Investor
Scott Pape

Scott Pape is my Beyonce, this guy is the bombdiggity.) It professes to be the only guide to money you’ll ever need and it’s essential reading if you want to understand your money and have a stress free life and be able to go cruising the med with your gal pals at 80’s.

The Proof Is in the Plants
Simon Hill

I’ve become plant based after chemotherapy and this book is a fantastic guide to get you started and learn how to be plant based and healthy – and that in fact a plant based diet is better for you, animals and the planet! We can change the world by what we eat.

Big Magic
Elizabeth Gilbert

ahhhh this book I read and re-read it over and over for anyone who wants to ever try anything remotely creative or who doesn’t believe they are creative. (Spoiler alert: You are a human so you are creative so stop with that I’m not creative bullshit and get started

Steal Like an Artist

get the creative tinkerings in your brain unlocked.

Tuesdays With Morrie

get the tissues out – divine book.

Pride and Prejudice

ooohhh god I mean Lizzy’s quick witty banter and Colin firth…. Need I say more. OK probably not very relevant to this list but I couldn’t resist!!!

Resources & Emergency Helplines

There are too many to list in this little section so I created a whole page…